Tips For Setting Up Your Spy Camera

It can be frustrating to find out that the footage on your spy camera is unusable because of SD size card, speed and lighting. It is important you ensure that you set up your spy camera well for you to get the footage that you need. At times, it takes just a single chance to get the right footage. Note that you can look for professionals from the Sentel Tech firm to install it for you. Below are tips that will help you get the most from your spy camera.

You need to understand lighting. Good lighting is needed for quality shots. For you to produce quality footage, you should have knowledge of lighting. As much as you may have an ideal hiding spot, your footage will get ruined if your lighting is not in the right spot. You need to know the type of lighting to use when setting the spy camera. The most common types of lighting include front lighting, backlighting and side lighting. You can see page to learn more about setting up your spy camera.

It is important for you to position the spy camera at chokepoint. What this means is that the camera should be at an active spot when the subject walks in from. You can position it at the gates, doorways, hallways, entrances and exits.

Also, consider buying a micro SD card that is of the best quality. Identify a card that is of the speed and class depending on the camera’s resolution. That way it camera can save the files at a sustainable rate. Before choosing an SD card that is within your budget, you need to know the max capacity it can handle. Choosing a card of the wrong size means that some videos may end up not getting saved.

It is vital you know the best recoding mode depending on your situation. You can choose to either record in continuous modes or motion detection. Keep in mind that spy cameras meant for night vision also require a light source. Majority of night vision spy cameras use lighting that cannot be seen by the human eye. However, distance is the only limitation.

Additionally, consider your surroundings when positioning a spy camera. You can have it positioned behind the drapes or near a stack of laundry. You can experiment with different angles and locations for you to get the right footage. It is advisable you do a test run to be sure that the angle and lighting is adequate. A test run will help you identify the perfect location for you to capture the information you want. Discover more on this page:

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